FreeType 2 Tutorial
Step 3 — handling internals

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This is the third section of the FreeType 2 tutorial. It describes how to deal with various internals of the library like

  • the module interface
  • functions for manipulating vector outlines
  • font driver issues
  • interaction with renderers using callbacks
  • accessing font specific data, for example PostScript font dictionaries and TrueType tables

None of these items have been written yet.


Erik Möller contributed a very nice C++ example which shows renderer callbacks in action to draw a coloured glyph with a differently coloured outline. The source code can be found here.

Another example demonstrates how to use FreeType's stand-alone rasterizer, ftraster.c, both in B/W and 5-levels gray mode. You need files from FreeType version 2.3.10 or newer.

Róbert Márki contributed a small Qt demonstration program (together with its qmake file) which shows both direct rendering with a callback and rendering with a buffer, yielding the same result. You need FreeType 2.4.3 or newer.

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